Alex Sternick - Gibberish: The Art of Nonsense

Alex Sternick


Alex began his laughter journey in India where he worked with terminally ill patients. This

experience inspired him to bring laughter yoga to Israel, in which he started the first laughter club,

brought the leading experts to the country, and ran workshops. He has also worked with Israelis and

Arabs in an attempt to bring these diverse groups together through laughter. In addition to his impact in

his native country of Israel, Alex has traveled all over the world to run professional seminars and workshops,

and train professionals in his techniques.

• He has 15 years of experience in the fields of laughter yoga, laughter therapy, and gibberish

• He is the face of laughter yoga in Israel

• He is a world-renowned gibberish expert

• He has international experience in training and teaching laughter therapy

• He has made significant contributions to the world through his work - working with terminally ill

patients, conflict resolution in the Middle East, and more

• His vast experiences from many different countries and cultures allow him to provide insights from

many different angles

• Through his lessons about laughter, Alex will really be teaching valuable lessons about life

Alex will be speaking about:

Gibberish: The Art of Nonsense- PARADOXICAL AND PARALOGICAL interventions- From living a compromised life to a more precise

  • The importance of fully expressing your emotions
  • What is the art of Nonsense?
  • The concept of the Gibberish Professor