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Welcome to the Simply Laughter Online Summit Encore 2018

For The First Time EVER!

40+ Experts & Practitioners gather to Empower, Enlighten & Energize you with a Deeper Awareness of how to transform lives through Laughter.

Who is presenting and what are the different steps we cover?

I have hand picked 30+ Laughter Experts who are at the top of their game. Despite their busy schedules they have dedicated time to share this knowledge with you. YAY!

I have also gathered 10+ of my Professional Speaker friends who are Experts in their field to help you learn the top tips that you can adapt to any business.

Three steps we will cover:

Step 1 Laughter Yoga Practices

See what other laughter professionals around the world are doing to change lives and spread Laughter as a way to live a healthier, happier life.

Step 2 Adaptions of Laughter

Discover how to become niche and come up with your own unique Practice and transformational tools. You can do it!

Step 3 Business Skills Development

Learn how to up your game and improve on all the skills you need to run a productive club. Practice or business?

I have created the course to cover a variety of these Steps every day. You can watch it in sequence or by Expert Speaker and Topic of interest.

Here is the schedule for the 5 Days:



1. Jo-Dee Walmsley Opening Welcome

  • Who is the Simply Laughter Online Summit For
  • How laughter changed my life
  • How to get the most out of the summit
  • Lots of bonuses

2. Dr Madan Kataria – Founder Of Laughter Yoga

  • How he started the Laughter Yoga Movement
  • Where is Laughter Yoga Heading
  • World Laughter Day

3. Jules Mitchell – Laughter with Kids & Schools

  • How Happy Schools Programme is delivered
  • Joy Shots & Magic Minutes
  • Get 'buy in' from the schools

4 . Anne Rose Hart - Quantum Play and Joy Retreats

  • Quantum Play & Laughter Yoga
  • Corporate Clients
  • Running retreats

5. Teena Miller - Dialysis Patients & Hospitals

  • Working With Dialysis Patients and what exercises are best
  • Laughing in Hospitals
  • ASTEP Program ( A Seated Therapeutic Exercise Program)

6. Lesley Lyle – Happiness Ambassador and PP

  • What it means to be a Happiness Ambassador
  • How it all started
  • Positive Psychology People

7. Sylvia Baldock – Images & Being Memorable

  • Scintillating Speaking
  • Dressing for Success
  • Sign Posting for credibility

8. Saana Azzam– Making Money Doing What You Love

  • Why it’s so important to charge for what you are doing
  • How to make sure you will get the fee you deserve
  • What help you can get to get booked


1. Jeffrey Briar – Laughter Clubs

  • Running a laughter club for 12 years every day 40 000 laughers
  • Why we must not forget to laugh in our club
  • Laughter Yoga tools

2. Elva Zhang – Quantum Potential of Joy and Meditation

  • Why Quantum Physics is so relevant in our Laughter Practice
  • How to apply Quantum Physics to your Laughter Practice
  • How Meditation and this is so important in Business

3. Luis Gomez – Jails

  • Laughter in Mexican Jails
  • Documentary ‘I’m Free’
  • Manuel about how to run LY in Jails

4. Ros Ben-Moshe – Laughing at Cancer

  • Talks about her Best Seller book ‘Laughing at Cancer’
  • Laughing in times of adversity
  • Research and essential tool kit

5. Linda Leclerc – Presenting and Laughter Business

  • Information you need to ask for before you get a gig
  • How to prepare for your talk
  • All you need to know about presenting your talk

6. Mary Turner Thomson – Writing, Publishing and Marketing Your Book

  • Who should write a book
  • How to Publish your book
  • How to be a best selling author

7. Angie Phillips – Designing your Marketing Material

  • Designing your website, business cards & promo
  • Logo’s and branding
  • Presentation materials

8. Michael Dodd – Answering Difficult Questions

  • How to respond to difficult questions
  • The importance of being prepared
  • Turning the situation around


1. Julie Ostrow – Improv, Humor and Laughter

  • How Improv, humour & laughter help business
  • Perseverance & resilience
  • Improv Improves Presentations

2. Francis Monferrer– Sacred Sexuality and Relationships

  • 10 Steps from his book 69
  • No 9. Sacred Sexuality
  • How to be in the flow in communication

3. James Hazlerig – Laughnosis

  • Laughter Yoga and Hypnosis
  • Laughmations
  • Overcoming fears and phobias using Laughnosis

4. George Toscani and Sabina Gerin – AquaLaughter

  • What is Aqualaughter
  • How it can help deal with the fear of water
  • Research on laughing in the water

5. Janni Goss - Mental Stress, Carers and Golden Ages

  • Dealing with mental health issues
  • Laughing with Seniors, Dementia & Alzheimer’s
  • Laughter prescription

6. Merv Neal – Business – How to Improve Your Laughter Business

  • Why its so important to take control of your health in business
  • Amazing research for your blood pressure
  • How to run a successful Laughter Business

7. Jermaine Edwards – Keep Recurring Clients

  • The importance of repeat clients
  • Steps to take to make sure you create raving fans
  • The right clients

8. Albert Nerenberg – Actorcise and Laughology

  • Laughology - Alberts journey to find laughter
  • Laughter is serious business
  • All about Actorcize


1. Warren Knight – How to get work through social media

  • Social Media is more than just Facebook
  • How to make the most of your posts
  • Using Linkedin to generate paying clients

2. Dave Berman – Daily Laughers

  • Lessons learned from 2 years of Daily Laughers
  • What inside out laughter is
  • Allowing, resilience and impact

3. Diane Kichijitsu – Laughter in Traumatic situations, and on Cruises

  • How laughter helped after the Japan Tsunami
  • How to Niche
  • Working on Cruises

4. Alex Sternick – Gibberish – the Art Of Nonsense

  • Importance of expressing your emotions
  • What is the art of Non sense
  • Concept of the Gibberish Professor

5. Sue Carter Ansari – Lympatic System and Joyfit

  • Laughter getting you through difficult times
  • Laughter and how it benefits the Lympatic System
  • Joyfit

6. Lotte Mikkelsen - Laughter training, Laughter Business

  • The different types of Laughter Training
  • Laughter Business
  • Telephone laughter

7. Punam Verma – Interview Skills

  • How to give a good interview
  • Tips on different types of media
  • Soul Travel

8. Mindy Gibbins-Klein – Thoughtful Leadership

  • Why Thought Leaders should be Thoughtful Leaders
  • Carve out and schedule thinking time and space
  • Check in with yourself constantly


1. Sebastien Gentry – Laughter Wellness

  • The story of Laughter Wellness
  • Training Laughter Professionals online
  • Making a living in the Laughter Business

2. Guy Giard – Humanitarian Clowning with Patch Adams

  • 1 How Patch Adams changed Guy’s life
  • 2 Humanitarian clowning around the world
  • 3 What is love and compassion

3. Olivera Radovanovic – Laughter Yoga Tourism

  • 1 Laughter Tourism
  • 2 Laughing with corporate businesses in the Balkans
  • 3 Laughter outdoors

4. James Taylor – Creativity

  • Why Creativity is so important
  • AI and Creativity
  • 5 Steps to the Creative Process

5. Joe Hoare – Yoga Part of Laughter Yoga

  • Laughing from the inside out
  • Get clear about what, exactly, your own take on laughter yoga is. You will then naturally find your client base / ‘tribe’
  • The importance of doing your apprenticeship

6. Julie Holmes – Sales and Marketing

  • Niching – differentiating yourself
  • Sell more earn more
  • Hey Mic for all your smart phone recordings

7. QJ – Fill your Workshops

  • What a Workshop Business is
  • Why its so important to niche, know your subject and add value
  • Why having workshops are so important

Jo-Dee Walmsley – Robert Rivest & Rohit Bassi - Closing Talk

  • Get more bonuses and give aways


Remember to Live Life Laughingly

Your Instructor

Jo-Dee Walmsley
Jo-Dee Walmsley

Your Host - Jo-Dee Walmsley, Global Laughter Ambassador

“When the best leader's work is done the people say, 'We did it ourselves.' Lao Tzu

Can laughter liberate the hidden potential of your people to “do it themselves”? Simply, yes!

Jo-Dee Walmsley makes this bold idea real: As an experienced Motivational Speaker and Energizer, Laughter Teacher, she shows the path via her Laughter Program to more rewarding, creative and productive states of mind, perfected in recent years in keynotes and in workshops, tailored to Blue-Chip corporations and many more in Dubai, and is now bringing her unique and vitalizing charisma to the UK and Europe and beyond. Seriously? See for yourself!

‘We don’t laugh because we are happy, we are happy because we laugh!”

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